STP Xero

How to set up STP in Xero

Follow the steps below to set up STP in XERO.

1. Log into XERO and open your company file.  Then go to the Payroll > Pay Employees Menu Option


2. The next step is to push the Blue "Get Started" Button.  NB:  If you cannot see this button, look for a single line of text above the payruns which says "Setup Single Touch Payroll" and click on this text.

3. Push the "Opt In" button.

4. Xero will then ask you to check your organisation details.  If they are incorrect, click the link to edit them and then re-start this process.  If they are correct, push the "Continue" button.

5. Next you MAY have a screen asking you who to file as.  You will see this if you have access to multiple Xero files.  If so, select your organisation that you are in and continue to the next screen.

6. The next step is to call the ATO and register your business with your software for filing STP reports.  The screenshot below highlights the points to look at on your screen which you will need.  Once the ATO have confirmed you are registered, tick the checkbox and push the "Register" Button.

Congratulations, you should now be set up for STP reporting.  The only change for you going forward is that with EVERY payrun, you must push the "FILE" button after you have approved your payrun to report to the ATO.  Failure to do this step will result in a breach of the legislation.