The average Australian wastes hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout their life by either simply having the wrong financial structure in place or not knowing how to use the structure they have. Become a client of FABsolutions, and you will be on the right structure and understand how to use is. Imagine what an extra $100,000 or more could do for you in retirement.

Business Finance

Running out of cash will destroy your Business very quickly.  By working with us, you could have a detailed cashflow forecast to identify where you have potential shortfalls of cash.  Your finance structure can then be reviewed to identify the most appropriate form of finance for your business ensuring you have the right amount of finance, in the right form to ensure you don't run our of cash and do not waste money by having the incorrect amount or type of finance.


Unsecured finance is more costly than other forms of finance, but it can happen quickly.  This can be used if you have failed to plan correctly and need up to an extra $250,000 to get you through or even better, if you have an opportunity to take advantage of, but you must act quickly.

You just need to have been trading for 12 months or more and provide us with 3 months of bank statements to verify how much money is flowing through your business and we can help you to get going.  

If you need funds now, then this is the best option for you.

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Secured Finance takes a number of forms, it could be secured against a vehicle, your debtors, your stock, your house, your business premises, general plant and equipment or other items within your business.  This type of finance may take a little longer to secure, but is the cheaper form of finance.  In order to ensure you have the right type of finance in place, we insist on an appointment for this type of finance.  Please click the button below to book your initial consultation, which can be done at our place, yours or via the internet.

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Personal Finance

Virtually everyone in Australia of working age has some form of debt.  How long has it been since you have reviewed your finance structure and your future needs?  Whether is is for a new car, to consolidate your debts, buy that dream home or to invest in your wealth creation, FABsolutions can help you out.

Home Loan

First Home Buyer

Buying your first home can be a nerve wracking experience, there will be emotional highs and lows as you go through the process of signing the contract, doing the building inspection, attempting to secure finance, insurance, furniture.......the list goes on.

The loan process need not be difficult, with FABsoutions, you will know where you are at and the expected timeframes of the next milestone.  You will be informed at every step of the way as we guide you through the process and remove much of the associated stress.  Want to find out is you are eligible for a new home, then book an appointment now and we will work through it with you.

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A refinance should not take forever, in fact it can take as little as a week and cost you nothing (depending on lender chosen).  

Do you really know if your loan is competitive, by the time you take in all the fees and charges as well as the headline interest rate, it is difficult to compare.  Our software makes it transparent for you, we can compare your existing loan to those from a variety of lenders and hep you chose what is right for you.  A small change in the costs associated with your loan could save you thousands, in fact each day you wait could be costing you money.  

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Moving Home

If you are moving home, it is often difficult to secure the new home until the old one has been sold.  A 'Go Between Loan' can solve this problem for you.  You are only assessed on the end position and you only make repayments on the end position.

This saves your cashflow and makes it easier for you to secure your dream home. 

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Personal Loan

A personal loan is something we all need from time to time, whether it is for that new car to get you to work, to consolidate credit card debt or to buy that new guitar for your band.  Not all lenders are the same and with a range of lenders who do personal loans, we can assess which option is right for you.

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Investor Finance

To create wealth require funds to invest.  An integrated approach removes surprises and helps to ensure that what you are investing in is right for your wealth creation strategy.  Your overall tax position and asset protection position is considered and your advice is unified removing confusion.

Delaying your wealth creation has a compounding effect, meaning that the more you delay with more it costs you in the long term.  Book your appointment today and ensure your structure is right to achieve your goals.

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Want to estimate your repayments, or work out how much your repayments will be, then head on over to our finance calculators page to work it out.