Document Portal

In order to protect your personal data we have a secure document portal which we utilise to store mail received, tax returns, and other documents we hold on your behalf. In order to access these documents you will need to login to the portal. Click the link below to access.

Document Portal

We believe in protecting the security and confidentiality of your documents.  Email is notoriously bad for protecting your information and it is a breach of our tax agent license to send certain documents via email.

To ensure we protect your information we have engaged global IT firm Citrix to provide us with a secure document system.  All your documents will be stored in here and you can access them at any time by logging into the portal.  If you foget your password, please click the forgot password link on the pager and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Our team have no visibility over your password and will be unable to directly assist you remember the password.  If all else fails we can reset your access, but this will still require you to create a password.

If you need a login to the new portal and have not yet received it, please check your junk email folder first and if there is nothing there, send an email to or contact our team on 0741824971.

Document Portal


If you need to send us files

In order to ensure security of information you send to us, our preferred method for receiving files is for you to upload them to our secure portal.  If you email documents to us, this is not secure and there have been numerous cases in Australia of email systems being hacked and personal data being compromised.  In order to protect your information, please use the button below to access out upload system.

Upload Files